Fake it ’til you make it by Bryony Kimmings and Tim Grayburn

This is a love story, but not as you know it. There’s a hand whisk and chronic depression. There’s a mambo and suicidal desires. There’s even a really bloody awkward game of badminton.

Bryony and Tim have made an outstanding piece of theatre and performance art. She is an artist and he is, well, now he’s an artist too. He gave up his day job in advertising to go on the road with his partner Bryony. Their show is about how their relationship has dealt with Tim’s poor mental health.

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My post for The F Word: Real Men are dodging the reality of manhood

I published a guest post on The F Word! So thrilled!

Here’s an excerpt:

I didn’t feel comfortable at all, despite the organisers’ best efforts to make me comfortable with their soft voices, their candles and their Himalayan prayer bowls. I felt the love in the room, but it didn’t feel real. I’ve been desperately trying to understand why I can’t feel the kind of love that was warming the other men.

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The Real Man is a myth, but a funny one at least

Real men conference image, from http://www.nick-clements.com/
Real men conference image, from http://www.nick-clements.com/

A growing band of people wants to talk about masculinity. Brilliant. It’s still a small group but it seems to be getting bigger, with young campaigns like Great Men all getting involved. Later this month there’s a conference in London organised by Nick Clements and titled Real Men. It’s really gratifying to see more and more people recognising that masculinity is an exhausting and sometimes destructive performance. Clements promises a series of such conferences this year. To top it off, we’ll have the Being a Man Festival at the Southbank Centre in November (I’ve written about plans for this here).

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