Man hunt: the words men use to attract their partners

Grindr logoThe things that men say on dating sites when they’re trying to attract other men are witty, clichéd, terrifying, sweet and depressing—sometimes all at the same time. Here are a few I’ve come across recently. I wonder if straight men use the same sorts of headlines on their dating profiles. My comments are in italics. Thanks to all the men on Grindr 🙂

Half man half amazing.
Does this mean you’re in touch with your feminine side?

I’m the curiosity that killed the cat.
Mysterious. Love it. Continue reading

The horrors of dating: how to watch ITV’s Take Me Out

I'm a Person, Take Me Outta Here
I’m a Person, Take Me Outta Here

I thought it couldn’t get much worse than Game of Thrones. I’d just watched an episode in which several other characters were brutally murdered and raped. I was a bit shell shocked as I usually am after watching Game of Thrones.

And then I switched over to Take Me Out. Bloody hell. It’s terrifying. I had been thinking that there’s no way I’d survive as a man in the world of Game of Thrones. I think I’d stand even less of a chance in the world that is Take Me Out. And the scariest thing is that Take Me Out is real. These people actually exist and the thing they do actually happens. Continue reading