Do We Need Real Men?

Insightful and similar post to my recent guest post on The F Word.


Being a man is a fraught business.  Every day we are offered advice on how to be a man, via movies, newspaper columns, adverts and sports shows. And being a man is apparently not enough, you need to make sure you’re a real man.  From the 1980s satire of Real Men Don’t Eat Quiche to the checklist anxiety of “Being A Man The Wall Street Way”, we’re encouraged to aspire to this category of “real man”.  Our society has very particular notions of what being a real man involves, and when you say them out loud they tend to veer from a bit shabby to pretty repulsive.  Have plenty of money.  Don’t care too much about things.  Wear a suit.  Make sure other people know they can’t mess with you.  Don’t do anything which could be described as “girly”.  Or “gay”.  Or “beta”.  Or “soppy”.

Prefer beer to…

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