Man hunt: the words men use to attract their partners

Grindr logoThe things that men say on dating sites when they’re trying to attract other men are witty, clichéd, terrifying, sweet and depressing—sometimes all at the same time. Here are a few I’ve come across recently. I wonder if straight men use the same sorts of headlines on their dating profiles. My comments are in italics. Thanks to all the men on Grindr 🙂

Half man half amazing.
Does this mean you’re in touch with your feminine side?

I’m the curiosity that killed the cat.
Mysterious. Love it.

My modesty is the most enviable of my many excellent traits.
Clever. Are you this cocky in real life?

Mexican. You want to try my burrito? Lol.
Aww. Variation on a classic cock-metaphor.

I do all my own stunts.
What are your stunts exactly? Minding the gap when you step off the train?

My love is a revolver, my sex is a killer. Do you wanna die happy?
Hmm, bit creepy. I don’t think I want guns or death to be involved at all when we shag.

If you taste my lasagne, you will marry me.
I hope this isn’t a metaphor because I do really like lasagne.


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